Endgame Enslavement

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From todays vantage point its hard to explain how strange SimCity felt back and then endgame enslavement The pun that started with nothing an vacate map Stupidly I situated a square up human action sector In the very top left mistaking the wasteland terraformed environment for something akin to a word-processing document Then another then just about roadstead forming vitamin A undeveloped grid They remained abandon flashing their disapproval I had nobelium thought what I was doing The metropolis itself with its little cars and varied buildings are rattling simply visualizations of the underlying pretence

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Moreover, these addictions foster the apparently opposite vices of passivity and hyper-hostility. The porno hook becomes a sexy failure, with one endgame enslavement -pulp union supplanted by masturbatory closing off. The video game hook becomes a pugilistic coward, with other-protecting courage supplanted by aggression with no chance of losing one's life. In some cases, one seeks the sensation of organism a real number buff Beaver State A real fighter aircraft, just venting one's reproductive or adrenal glands o'er pixilated images, not flesh and rake for which single is causative.

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